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Bleeding is affecting my life…what are my options?

Menorrhagia, bleeding that is heavy or prolonged, was traditionally treated with birth control pills or hysterectomy, but now you have additional options. Dr. O’Sullivan performs a safe and effective alternative to hysterectomy, usually in the comfort and convenience of her office… Novasure endometrial ablation!

Am I a good candidate for Novasure endometrial ablation?

Women who experience heavy or prolonged bleeding for months or years and do not want hormonal or surgical treatment are excellent candidates for Novasure. Before you can be scheduled for the procedure Dr. O’Sullivan will do a history and physical exam, blood work, pelvic ultrasound and an endometrial biopsy. The results of this testing will determine if you are a good candidate for Novasure ablation.

Will my ablation be done in the office?

Dr. O’Sullivan perform Novasure ablations in the office and also in the outpatient surgery center at St. Charles Medical Center. Most patients elect to have the procedure done in the office and are glad they did. The ablation takes only 90 seconds to perform and you are in the office for about an hour total. Some women have a lot of anxiety about procedures and may be more comfortable in the OR with anesthesia.

Can I become pregnant after an ablation?

Pregnancy after ablation is possible but dangerous for both you and the baby ! Novasure ablation is recommended only for women who definitely do not want pregnancy. Novasure is not a form of birth control and it is required that you use another form of contraception after the procedure.

Think You Are Candidate for Novasure?

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