My Provider told me I need to have a LEEP.

Loop Electrocautery Excision Procedure (LEEP) is a 10 minute in-office procedure that helps to prevent cervical cancer by removing abnormal cells from the cervix.

What is that?

When a women has a highly abnormal Pap smear and it is confirmed with colposcopy and biopsy, she is said to have “pre-cancer” of the cervix.  If nothing is done for her, the patient will likely go on to have invasive cervical cancer.  A LEEP can be performed to remove that area from the cervix and prevent those cells from becoming cancerous.

Are there other procedures that prevent cervical cancer?

LEEP is one of several types of conizations. You may also hear the term cryotherapy or “freezing” of the cervix, or LASER or cold-knife conization.  Dr. O’Sullivan chooses to do the LEEP for almost all of her patients with pre-cancer because it is fast, effective, comfortable for patients and it can be done in the office.

What can I expect during and after my LEEP ?

Dr. O’Sullivan will explain the procedure to you then she will put in a speculum so she can see your cervix.  She will put betadine in the vagina, to decrease bacteria, then put numbing medication into the cervix.  The medical assistant will put a sticky grounding pad on your leg and turn on the LEEP machine. Dr. O’Sullivan will then perform the LEEP and remove the speculum.  You are done !

When will I get my results ?

The sample from your cervix will be sent to the pathologist and Dr. O’Sullivan will call you in about 1 week with your results.  Often she will recommend a repeat Pap in 6-12 months to ensure the abnormal cells have resolved.