In general, it takes 6 weeks for your body to recover from major surgery.

Days 1-3

You may shower, watch movies, and make a sandwich for yourself.  Each day you should take a couple short walks, maybe just down the driveway.

Weeks 1-2

You may venture for short outings.  Avoid prolonged standing or lifting >10-15 pounds.

Weeks 3-6

You may feel ready to return to work, especially if you have an office job or work from home.  Everyone is different so give your body the time it needs.

Weeks 4-6

Lack of energy is often the only complaint at this point.  It is very common to be tired after only a few small chores.  Take naps as needed, your body is still trying to heal. You may have mild anemia and now is the time to start taking your multivitamin and iron supplement to help rebuild your red blood cells.

Return to Work

At your 6-week post-op visit, Dr. O’Sullivan will evaluate your recovery.  Usually you will be allowed to return to full work, exercise and even intercourse.