Bowel Prep

Why do I need a Bowel Prep?

If Dr. O’Sullivan has asked you to do a bowel prep, it is because you are at increased risk for damage to your intestines during surgery. Prior abdominal surgery, cancer or inflammation in your abdomen may contribute to your risk. Bowel preps clean out the intestines and make surgery safer and easier.

Instructions for HalfLytely Bowel Prep

The prep is a prescription that will be called to your pharmacy.
Pick up the prep kit at least 2 days before your surgery.
Plan on staying home after starting the prep…you will want to be close to the bathroom !

Your kit should have:

  • Two 5mg Bisacodyl pills
  • One flavor packet
  • 2-Liter jug for mixing the solution

The day of the prep: (the day before surgery)

  • Drink only clear liquids (water, juice)
  • Eat only clear food (jello, broth)
  • 10:00am swallow the 2 tablets with a glass of water (do not chew or crush).
  • Pour your flavor packet into the jug and fill with lukewarm water to the line.
  • After bowel movement or at 4:00pm (whichever is first) start drinking the solution.
  • Drink one 8oz glass every 10 minutes until jug is empty.

Expect to have several water bowel movements after drinking the solution.
For additional questions visit Half Lytelyor call Dr. O’Sullivan’s office.