What is a WHNP?

What is a Nurse Practitioner?
A Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has gone on to obtain a doctorate level education and extensive clinical training who can provide a wide range of healthcare services, including the diagnosis and management of common as well as complex medical conditions. NPs work autonomously and in conjunction with other professionals, including physicians, to provide coordinated, comprehensive, quality health care.Nurse Practitioners have been providing high quality health care since 1965.

How are N.P.’s Different?

WHNP’s are board certified in women’s health and provide holistic, comprehensive health care that embraces most of a woman’s health needs throughout her life including:

Adolescent health care
Well woman exams
Breast cancer screening and problem evaluation
Pap smears, HPV screening, and management of abnormal paps
Health and wellness counseling
Contraceptive care STD screening, treatment, and follow-up
Pregnancy testing
Health management during the childbearing year including optimizing preconception health and postpartum care
Problems with menstruation – too much, too little, too many, too few
Fertility evaluation
Evaluation and treatment of common infections
Urinary tract problems like incontinence or infections
Menopause health promotion and problem management
Screening for general health problems like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes with referral when needed